Thursday, 23 June 2011

One of these days my brilliant ideas are going to give me a heart attack.

So I've been kind of out of it lately. It's true.

Today I came up with a plan. My plan involved doing some Wii Fit Plus excersizes, having a wholesome breakfast, doing dishes, and then going and doing a little hula hooping outside to practice some of the moves I'm trying to learn. After that I was going to peruse the employment sites and see if there was anywhere worthwhile to hand out resumes too, and then from there I wasn't sure what I might do next. I got as far as having breakfast, and things went down hill from there.

See, for the last week or so I've been doing dishes while my laptop is tuned into Netflix so I can watch The Tudors. I hate doing dishes, and having a show I like playing while I do them makes it more fun, especially since I decided that the only time I'm allowed to watch The Tudors is while I'm doing either dishes or laundry. So today I go to turn on laptop, and it wont. This isn't the first time this has happened. The first time it happened was months ago, and I figured it was just because I'd let the battery die while it was on. I plugged it in for a few minutes, hit the power button, and it worked fine that time. The next time, nothing seemed to work until my kitty Max rubbed up against it and it magically turned on. This time, nothing worked. Not even rubbing Max all over it, much to my dismay and his discomfort.

Frustration amped, I decided I to find out if it is still covered under warranty. I mean, it should be, I bought it in 2009 and paid for the extra 3 year coverage that doesn't start until the manufacturers warranty is void, which makes it technically covered for 4 years. But, despite my best efforts, I couldn't seem to locate the papers. Frustrated, I called the place where I bought it, Staples.

The lady I talked to was rude. Not surprised, as shortly after I brought the thing home and learned they had incorrectly partitioned the hard drive they were really short with me then too. She told me that without any paper work they can't honour the eps warranty. I knew I had registered the warranty online, but she still insisted all they could do was send it away on the manufacturers warranty without the paperwork.

So I continued my search for the warranty papers.

When I bought the laptop I remember thinking to myself: "Self, do not loose this paperwork. Put it somewhere where you will always remember where it is. Or keep it with your laptop bag." So thats where it had remained for quite some time, until Lenore kitty peed on the laptop bag wrecking it almost 2 years ago, and I decided to take the papers and put them in the files with my other paper work. Not that long ago (about 2 months) Mr. C decided to clean house and organize the files, and asked me where I wanted the papers put for my warranty on the laptop. I remember saying I would put them in the files and he handed them to me. From there, my memory of things gets a little fuzzy, but logic dictates I put it where I said I would, right?

Today, after three hours of thorough searching and shredding of old documents, completely organizing the files, and cleaning out all drawers with any paperwork in them, I couldn't find the damn warranty. Not at all. And I was certain, super certain, I had seen them within the last few weeks. At this point, I was so frustrated with myself I was verging on tears. So close to giving up on looking, I thought to myself: "Self, you have the weirdest logic sometimes. I bet you put it somewhere stupid, thinking it was a smart place because it made no sense so you'd obviously remember it. Is it with your fish tank supplies?" So I look. No. "How about... with your sewing stuff? In your sewing drawers, or the sewing box?"




Lesson learned. When I think some place is a good place to put something because it's not where it would logically go, therefore I should remember it better, I should punch myself instead, and put the damn thing away where it belongs.