Friday, 30 September 2011

Hmmm... been really busy getting everything settled in everywhere, I've barely had time for a break. Still haven't gotten everything unpacked, and we're turning in the keys to the old place tomorrow. Things are okay, vet bills are expensive (but he's doing fine now, it wasn't super serious.But it could have been. Gotta keep a close watch on him for a while yet).

I'm looking forward to unpacking my sewing things, which I've held off doing so far because I don't want to be tempted to sew instead of unpack, and also because the sewing room needs some work. I think I actually have excess storage, and not a lot of room to move around, So I want to ditch a few pieces of furniture. So I have a pretty nice compact desk on wheels that I will probably sell, and a dresser that I'm going to repair and possibly give away. I'd rather save on the floor space and mount some shelves on the wall if I need too.

I'm pretty stoked to get to sewing again, I mean I have a few projects that I need to work on ASAP if I intend to get them done in 12 days. I don't think I'll be able to pull everything together in time, so I might have to prioritize and change the plan. But I've seen the type of stuff the pull out on Project Runway, it's not like I'm working with only 20 or so hours.

I also intend to look into a few options for making hats. And I need to decide if I want to do American Steam Punk, or Victorian. I keep flip-flopping between the two. As much as I love the original concept, I don't know if I'll have time to pull it together, it has a long coat and some pretty awesome striped pants going on. But I don't know if I'll have time to work the coat out, as it's something I've never made, and I want to to be really nicely tailored. The pants, holster or vest and tank to go under the jacket will be easy, and if I think I don't have time that's pretty much the second look, with a few added details. I really want to work out if I can make a hat or not in time. I have some goggles I can use, but this look kind of needs to be a little more refined if I can do the jacket too.

Also, my new kitchen screams "BAKE IN ME!" So I've been obliging. I made cookies, and bought supplies to make Doughnuts. I also realised I had a can of pumpkin in my cupboard, and I have some tart shells. So I want to make pumpkin tarts soon!

...Now I am hungry. Time for some lunch =D

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Blog Post?

Yeah, it's been awhile. Longer than I realised! I guess there wasn't much interesting going on in the month of August. I just was out playing in the last vestiges of summer, and sewing. A lot. And then, suddenly and without too much warning, we were packing up to move. Yaay! We're moving to a new place, that has more square footage, costs less to rent, and has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It's a jackpot of rental units. The landlord is really nice, but Mr. C suspects he has hopes for us to be the new on site handyman and woman, because he keeps bringing up the fact that Mr. C is a maintenance man. I don't think I mind too much, because he seems to be on the up and up. Like, there are a few small things that need to be addressed before we move in, but he already told us all of the issues up front and gave us the supplies to deal with it all, and said if we have to purchase anything else to get the job done we should just give him the bill, as it should be. So I've spent the last two and a half weeks just packing up my house, going through things I don't want anymore like old clothes and shoes and random stuff from around the house, like the only-goes-one-speed-and-thats-murder-fast treadmill, and the weight bench we never use. All the while marathoning shows like The Guild and old cycles of Americas Next Top Model, and Project Runway.

With all my sewing stuff already packed (I packed it pretty much first so I wouldn't be tempted to sew instead of do the chores and packing that needed to be done) I've been spending my downtime sketching a lot. I'll post some of my sketches too. These are just ideas, and some of them I think I'll be able to create in no time, once we've settled in to the new place. Because I will have a sewing room! A whole ROOM! For SEWING! *squees a little with delight* 

But that's all I really have time to talk about, it took me longer than I had hoped to type this up. So now, it's back to packing. Once we're all moved and settled I'll put up some pics of the pants I've been working on, and the corset top I designed for Miss. S, which she sewed up (with a little direction and assistance from me) and finished. I'm super proud of this design, it's got some really unique details and shape. But alas, I don't know where my camera is at, so no pictures yet!