Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine

Man, I love the holiday season. I really do, all the snow and joy and laughter and tasty holiday baking...

This year there isn't so much snow; we're really seeing the effects of global climate change around these parts. I have vague memories of the not so distant past standing in a snow storm this time of year. I look outside now and the sun is shining down on my garden in the front of this new house that is still blooming. Yes, we've had frost, and a bit of snow. But apparently not enough to take down the mighty mutant snap dragons the previous tenants planted in the front garden. It's currently only -1C out there. I can very clearly recall my city used to have some of the worst winter cold snaps this time of year, when it would hit -28C in a blink of an eye and then add in the wind chill and snow, you were looking at some serious frost bite conditions. Although, we've never had tons of snow here like we did back on the lake where I grew up, but they haven't gotten much yet this winter either. I honestly worry when the winter is so dry like this, because I live in semi-arid desert region of British Columbia, without a good snowfall we can easily see drought in the summer time. Then again, last winter we got a walloping for winter weather in late January through February, which was a little odd considering. This year I don't even know what's going to happen.

I've done lots and lots of holiday baking this year, but none of it seems to have lasted 'til Christmas. I already ate a big chunk of the almond roca I made last night (that's a healthy breakfast, right?) but none of my 4 dozen walnut crescent cookies made it past a weekend in my house. I have a terrible sweet tooth, holiday baking is bad for me. I've gained back all the weight I lost over the summer, and a bit extra. Dammit. So the holiday baking is giving me glee in the baking and eating part, but then the weight gain is not making me happy at all. I still want to make some butter tarts and maybe some more almond roca. I'd have to go get some more almonds though.

So I guess there's been some stress on me this season, what with not working and all. Still. Big ol' sigh on that front. Then again, it's kind of nice to not have to worry about going to work on top of all the other holiday stresses, like family and gift buying and wrapping. I don't know when wrapping presents became a stress for me, but there you have it. I still haven't done it. The biggest stress I think is Christmas shopping, because I hate it and it's still not done yet. I'm one of those people who would rather have all my shopping done for Christmas before the 10th of December. I'm like that. But Mr. C is more of the procrastinating type, and when we're utilizing his cash flow for presents, I'm kind of at his mercy when it comes to shopping. He hates shopping. I keep trying to tell him that waiting until the last minute only makes things worse, but I don't know if he really has been thinking about that. And I hate having to last minute wrap gifts bought on the 23rd in a mad rush in a store filled with insane people who haven't bought a single thing yet and are freaking out and paying no gorram attention to anyone else in the store.

This problem I have developed over shopping in crowds and stores like Wal-Mart stems from having no personal sense of spacial awareness. I walk into people constantly, turn around and run into them if they are behind me, I talk with my hands and hit them in the face as they walk by, or whack them with my jacket as I'm taking it off when I come in the store or putting it on when I leave. I really try super hard to pay attention to others in public spaces, but in crowds I'm a complete clumsy mess. And around the holiday time, it gets so much worse. It gets on my nerves, because I try so damn hard not to get in other peoples way and to pay attention to their personal bubble, and when someone else doesn't pay attention and is spacing out and I accidentally bump into them as I turn around to look at the end cap display, they act like I'm the asshole. I'm really not a jerk, I'm not that person who doesn't give a shit that you are there, it's just that I have no ability to sense when people are in my space. I have the smallest personal bubble ever, it's not really my fault.

Man, I'd make a good target for a pick pocket.

I have, however, finally finished my nieces teddy bear she was supposed to get when she was born. Whoops, she's like one and a half now. Oh well, it's lovely and she still gets it and I know she will like it because it's soft and cuddly like her. And it's the same size she is. It's so pretty and tealy blue, one of my favourite colours. He has grey feet and grey ears and grey patches on his eyes, which haven't been appliqu├ęd on yet. On his foot pads and paw pads I used some of the scrap paisley fabric from my 50's wrap dress I made back in July this year. If my camera were still alive, I'd take a picture for you to see the beautiful teddy bear. But it's dead, sadly, so I guess you will never look on the glory that is teal teddy bear with no eyes.

Anyway, yah. I think that's all that I feel the need to say. And, just in case I don't make another post for awhile,

/end holiday caps attack


  1. I would bring you my camera to take a picture of the bear, but alas, I am not in the mood to walk that for. WAY TO NOT LIVE ON THE SAME BLOCK ANYMORE. Sheesh.

  2. I had one thing to say on the subject of last-minute holiday shoppers: "mmmmmmm braaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnnssssssssssss"