Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Incredible Return of...

Well, okay it's probably not all that incredible. But it is a return! I've tried my hand at this whole blogging thing before but I think back in the day I was a little to young to understand that posting every thought of mine online made it entirely public and I reaped the consequences from that. But I'm done blaming the internet for the past, and have decided to make amends and try once again.

So yeah. First post! Woohoo?

For some reason my enter button is acting all screwy. Normally I try to avoid typos, so I appologize profusely now if this gets all bugged up from a screwy enter key! Oh, and about the blog title. I was stumped and couldn't think of anything I liked to call it that wasn't already taken on Blog Spot and was frustrated and decided that this blog would be terribly titled. So  I typed that in. And spelled it wrong. Which, in retrospect added to the awesomeness and I'm keeping it that way!

So there's been a lot going on in my world lately, and I figured blogging might be a way to get some of my ideas out and help me with some of my creative blocks I've been facing. I'm a wannabe writer, and designer, and have many hobbies that take up parts of my attention and don't always get completed. Eventually I might have to seperate everything in this blog into smaller mini-blogs but I don't have the patience for that at the moment. It was hard enough to think up a damn title for one! This also means I appologize for the scattered random thoughts that I'm spewing out right now. I wanted to get this thing up and running, but really have nothing interesting to say right now. I'm sure I will soon. I'm really opinionated and love a good rant.

So, to begin... I guess I've done that.

The meat!

Today was my last day at my job. I've had this job for a little over two years and what sucks is I really liked the work I was doing. I hated the company. I was doing mostly corporate embroidery, operating the embroidery machine and digitizing the designs (self taught and I was getting pretty good too). It was, for the most part, an awesome and creative job and I'm totally happy I got the experience in the industry. I might pursue it further. But honestly, the company I worked for was ridiculous! There were so many problems, I wish I didn't even know. Health and safety regs broken, harrasment and daily emotional freakouts by fellow employees was par for the course. And don't even get me started on the ridiculous business ethics the company followed. As a model for the world of embellishment it didn't bode well. But then again, it was a small company that spread itself awfully thin and maybe some day soon I'll tell you all of the dirty laundry about it. But not now, it's kind of an open wound and unfortunately with all the general insanity of the situation now probably isn't the time to talk about it.

So this was my catalyst. I don't know what I'm doing next for sure, but I really began this blog because of that. Theres change in the air, and I feel I should document it all. I want to start selling some of my sewing designs, or maybe some jewlery or do something creative. Eventually I plan on setting up something on Etsy and going from there. And I'm going to break through this creative block and write again too. Theres a lot of options for me right now, and I see this whole lay off thing as a positive turning point and I want to make sure to document the steps of where this new path is going to take me. And how I got here. Maybe there's something I can use in this, write a novel or something. So thats why it all began, thats why I'm here typing this all out and forgetting that before I sat down for an hour to set this up I started making dinner. Now my sausages that I had started boiling have no water with them in the pot and are sizzling away frying instead. Going to go deal with that now, and I'll definately think of something more interesting to post tomorrow!

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