Tuesday, 31 May 2011

How do you find a song?

Well, when you don't know who sang it, what it's called, what any of the lyrics are, or even when you last heard it? I've heard it a few times on Indie 103.1 LA and the Buzz out of Vermont, and the only things I can really say about it are it has a bunch of synthy noises, a male vocalist, and it's in the same kind of dance-rocky alternative category that I would place artists like perhaps Neon Trees? Yeah, and maybe The Killers, or some other fun pseudo techno inspired rockish artist. Oh, and of course the song opens with and continues to play this repetitive synth noise that is god awful. Like someone is murdering a robot which doesn't have capabilities of speech. But it's an up beat kind of death as it goes "screeEE--EEE-EEE-EEEEEE!" And for some reason I still love it. The first time I heard it I almost changed stations because it irritated me so very much. Nails on a chalkboard annoying. Then I heard it  a few more times and now every time it plays I wonder "who is this?" and never actually check. Well, I did try once and the online app. for the station only showed the program name, not the song and artist. And that was the last time I heard it, go figure.

Anyway, I started a great and epic search for this song today, after successfully remembering the name of "Stereo Love" (Edward Maya) and listening to it like 8 times. So I decided to attempt to hunt down this song next. An hour and a bit later, and I'm still searching. Although I am running accross some songs that I haven't bothered to learn the names of that I like. Like "Pumped up Kicks". So I'm still searching, and discovering. I like it, like a musical quest with little musical prizes on the way. Yes, I am that big of a geek. (When I finally win and get the song's name, I betcha I get some achievement. Maybe even level up!)

As it is I'm listening to thunder behind the music. In fact, I've turned the music off. I still haven't found the song. It was a pretty nice day earlier, I went out for a walk and read in the park for awhile to get myself out of the house. I probably should have been more productive and maybe gone downtown, but I'm glad I didn't. I would have been caught in the rain and I wasn't really dressed for that.

Anyway, back to song searching! Let me know if you have any idea of what song I'm looking for. Any suggestions are bound to help!

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