Thursday, 19 May 2011

Loookit that! Another Thing!

My cousins wedding is this Saturday, and I'm in the wedding party. I love being a bridesmaid, it makes dressing for a wedding so much easier. So I've been chilling thinking it's all good, I'm set. But, silly me, having a dress isn't the ONLY thing I needed to think about. What about shoes, and hair? Accessories? So today I decided (how last minute of me per usual...) to make a hair piece to wear. The wedding colours are red and gold, so I bought some goose feathers, dyed and natural, to use for a hair pin. I decided I'm going easy with my hair, and I'm not going to fight it to get it up or anything. Simple, and down, with one clip. Filled with FEATHERS! I also bought some pieces of shell to include. I wound up not using any of the dyed feathers, because the natural ones just looked so nice against my new hair colour. (I dyed my hair again, Garnier Nutrise 535 Chocolate Caramel. Something nice, rich, brown. A good pallet for some streaks maybe?)

So I bought everything I thought I'd need for the hair pin at the dollar store. 3 bags of feathers (the polka dot ones were in a different bag than the stripey ones and of course the dyed ones I didn't use were in another bag). I only used like, 8 feathers from the bags, so now I have a whole bunch of feathers. I'm not sure what I want to do with them. Maybe I'll make feathery jellyfish ... =D

I also bought some hot glue sticks. Good thinking, except I don't own a hot glue gun. So I just used a lighter to melt one end of the stick and licked my finger to place the feathers on the beads I dribbled messily. I'm surprised that it worked out so well! I added the shell on top of the feathers. I really like the combination.

So now that I've shown you all the thing I made, back to packing for this wedding! I still have to decide on which shoes I'm going to wear, or if maybe because I put my knee out yesterday I should suck it up and go out and purchase a pair of simple flats. But I really would rather wear heels... stupid knee.

Aside: How I put my knee out

Basically I got on the bus, and as I was sitting down the bus jerked forward and I twisted. My knee cap decided twisting was fun, and took it a little to far. I fell on my ass into the seat, and my knee cap stayed to the left of its home. Quickly, with little hesitation, I grabbed it and pushed it back. I thought I was going to throw up, I hate that feeling. It's all grindy and icky and not good. However, I made it to my destination, and stayed in class the whole day. I kept it up, it's not even bruised and I can bend it again today. It's weak, and keeps threatening to twist again, but I think I've got it under control.

End Aside.

So basically I have to determine whether or not I'm balsey enough to wear heels. If I do, should I wear the pair of wooly black and cream ones I bought yesterday at VV's? Or the brown strappy ones? Or the Leopard Print wedges? The dress is a vibrant red, think Canadian flag. I don't have gold, cream, or black shoes. These are the ones I have... I guess I will have to make up my mind soon, eh? Mr. C says I should wear the leopardy ones.

Anyway! That's it, I gotta get back to this packing thing.

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  1. I vote leopard! :) Red dress! <3 i WANT TO GET A RED DRESS SO BAD. oops caps attack. I hate my hubby's keybard. <<yep.