Thursday, 26 May 2011

Rainy day baking!

Yeah, I haven't been feeling too hot for the last couple of days. Since I've been back in town after the wedding (which was beautiful by the way! I love weddings, and it was really interesting to be a part of a full on Catholic ceremony) I've been feeling super run down and out of it. I got zero sleep over the weekend, mostly because I suffer with strange sleeping habits at the best of times, and it really didn't help that the posh hotel we stayed in had down filled pillows and comforters on the bed. Should have gone to front desk to ask for something a little more hypoallergenic, but I didn't.

I don't think the blah weather here is helping my motivation to get out of the house. I really need to get back into the swing of things, but it's hard to muster up the desire to be productive outside when you know you have to bus around and are likely to be all dishevelled and soaked when you get where you're going. It really makes handing out resumes seem like a not so fun idea. Although thats not really my top priority. I've decided I'm going to pursue going back to school, so I have to schedual a few meetings with people at work search to find out about funding. I just worry that because of the weather I'm making excuses for not getting things done again. But I have my own reasons for doing things the way I am and I did cruise the job board and some other websites today. Just because I want to go back to school doesn't mean that a part time job would be a bad idea in the interim, and the weather is seriously crappy today so I don't mind sitting this one out. Instead, I decided to be productive indoors.

I baked! That's not a euphemism.

I decided the best kind of supper on a rainy day is something warm and spicey, so I made chili in the slow cooker. And then I thought chili isn't the same without biscuits, so I made up some cheddar jalepeno tea biscuits. I also decided that while I was at it I may as well make some chocolate chip cookies for desert. My first batch of cookies didn't turn out so hot, but the second dozen were much better. I thought at first I'd made the first cookies too big, but now I think that's not the case. The biscuits were also kind of raw in the middle like the original batch of cookies, and nothing was browning nicely on top. I think my top element in my oven is screwy. I mean, its all edible but it took forever to cook and they just aren't quite up to my usual abilities of a baker. However, it's been forever since I last made cookies, so long I had to call my sister to give me a recipe for 'em. And it's been a pretty long time since I last made biscuits too.

Either way, they are tasty! I'm eating a cookie RIGHT now.

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