Monday, 9 May 2011

Bloggers guilt...

Anytime I make a blog and lack things to post and it slows down and gets boring I feel guilty. Even if no one reads or follows it, I feel guilty. Its like I should just start making things up to fill in the blanks.

Today I went to space on the magic schoolbus!

That didn't really happen.

What has really happened is a friend of mine finally broke down after fifteen years and bought some Magic the Gathering cards this weekend. Which also inspired my other friend and his girlfriend to build a deck and play too, after approximately the same amount of time of not getting into it. So we played Magic on the weekend. Geekery is awesome.

I sold my first pair of jellyfish earings! To a lady in my career decision making class! Pure profit, 'cuz it's not in a consignment shop! Sweet ass. Now I just need to actually get the five pairs I have here tagged and in the shop so they can sell too. And I think I need to set aside some time to start on some more for when the five sell.

Other than that I've been doing my course, it's fun and interesting. I'm looking into some school options and I'm pretty much setting my sights on going taking a two year diploma in the field of publishing and writing. I figure with that it opens up a lot of options for me in a field I have a great deal of interest in. I mean, publishing is a broad spectrum and I could do a lot with it, but the idea of one day becoming an editor or something like that, or even an agent to other aspiring writers and getting my own work published would be fantastic. I would love to work in a magazine or in a newspaper too. I'd even do advertising if it wasn't too much based on sales and I was doing more of the design aspects, even though I know I can do sales I'd just rather not.

So that's about where I'm at right now. Oh, and I've been writing again too. In otherwords: I've been keeping myself busy enough doing things that I can't really blog about. But I've been busy! Now I think I'm going to do some dishes and write or make jellyfish.

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  1. What are these jellyfish earrings? They sound neat!
    Magic cards. :) Hubby and I have a whole big box. We should drag those out!