Friday, 22 July 2011

Cream Soda Shorts!


A few reminders to myself: On the next pair, make the plackets approximately 1/4" wider. The button holer had some hate on, kept gumming up. I'm sitting here fixing the button holes by hand as they are already unraveling. Also: the waist band needs to taper in for more shape. Again, I forgot about the curve of my lower back. I tried to throw a dart in, but it pulled the whole shorts out of  shape. I'm just going to leave it being slightly square on this pair, and fix it up for the next pair.

The next pair I say? I say indeed!

The fabric is navy, if you zoom in you can see the wonderful and oh so subtle pinstripe. It's a polly blend, so they wont be quite as breathable as the pink ones. But, seeing as they are the mach 2 version they will have some of the little details I mucked up on much less mucked up.

For my first ever shorts pattern, I think I did pretty decent!

( PS Plackets need work. Need to be less bulky in the corners/seams and stiffer!)

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