Monday, 18 July 2011

Damn, I'm Good!

So I meant to be cleaning my house today, I really really did. But then I thought to myself, "Wouldn't I much rather be sewing?" And I answered with a resounding "Absolutely!"

Last night I whipped together a quick pattern, drafted it based off a pair of jeans I have that fit me really well in the tush. This is for my high waisted sailor shorts I was talking about making. So far I'm ridiculously impressed. I made the pattern pieces first by taping 4 sheets of lined paper together keeping it nice and square, and using the lines to give me some added guidlines. I folded the pants along the sewn seams to give me the shape for the front and back pieces. I measured the "waist" of the front of the jeans, which actually are low-rise. So I had to add about 3 inches up to create the high waisted look I was hoping for. The front was really easy to draw out, even the placket fly, but I had a bit of an issue with the back pieces. But that will all work itself out in the fitting. I already know I have to take it in almost 4 inches, I didn't quite account for the curve of my lower back. Other than that, in the first fitting the shorts fit quite nicely, and don't look like a weird diaper like I have seen so many times on Project Runway.

Some work in progress pics! (Yes, I decided to make these bubblegum pink. I figure, if the pattern works well enough I can always just re-use it and have a second pair in navy for my Marianne costume.)

The pattern! Sans waistband, because that doesn't really need to be drawn out on paper. As you can kind of see, the angle isn't right at all on the inseam at the back, but the front is pretty much perfect. I need to increase the darts and also increase the angle on the inseam. 4"!
 Here are the shorts so far. I've got them pretty damn close to completion already. It took me a while to reason out the way to sew the curved plackets I wanted. The look is very nice when on the bod.
(Oh man I really need to wash my mirror)
 Look at that awesome placket front detail! Curvacious! Add the waist band and they will cover my belly button for highwaisted smexyness. All the stitching is beind done with black thread. Tomorrow I'm going to buy some black top stitching thread to reinfoce the side seams and do the the detail on the plackets. The buttons are also going to be 6-8 black buttons I have kicking around here.

They look pretty good on the tush so far, but definately need taking in at the waist so the sides don't keep sliding down. They are being hemmed up about 11/2" so they will be shorty shorts! And now I guess I should clean up my sewing for today and get ready to head out to the inlaw's place when Mr. C is offa work!

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