Thursday, 28 April 2011


It seems it has been longer than I thought between this and my last update. A lot has happened, but nothing of incredible note.

After I blogged last on Thursday last week I walked to Ms. S's house from mine. It took about and hour, but only because I was dumb and didn't wear proper socks with my red shoes again, and the blisters from the last wrong-socks incident decided to reform with a vengenace, and then burst. This made walking intollerable for the rest of the day, and I wasn't able to make it out to the final end of work party for the old crew from the old job. It seems after I was laid off things continued to go down hill there for others, and they found better options and left too. Makes me feel egotistical, like because I wasn't there in my awesomeness no one else wanted to be there either! But I know that's not the truth. The place was pretty awful and I know it had already gotten under a lot of peoples skin even before things started to go the way that they did.

I really couldn't tell you what else I did over the weekend, other than clean house and craft a bit. It was the Easter long, so I did go have some ham and turkey at my inlaws house. It was pretty nice all in all. Got some chocolate too!

I've got 3 pairs of earings completed, and hopefully I will have at least 3 more finished by the end of the weekend. I'm hoping to get out there and put some in a few local shops as soon as humanly possible. I feel if I have at least 6 pairs I can get them in at least one shop, and that will help. I've got a black pair with black and silver seed beads and some garnet shards. The garnet doesn't stand out as much as I would have hoped, however they do catch the light in a subtley pretty way. I also made a pair of white jellyfish with some opalite shards and blue and pearl seed beads. I like the effect of these ones a lot. My favourite so far are my miniatures, they are made of 30 weight cream cotton crochet threads, where the black is 10 and the white is 20. So they vary in size, which is nice. I would like to get some heavier and lighter threads in all the colours, so I can have all sorts of variations of size. The thing I like the most about the mini's are the colours. I decided to use orange and clear seed beads and some goldstone beads from an anklet I broke a long time ago and never felt the grand desire to fix. I like the stones much better on the jellies!

On Monday I started the Pathways career coaching program. It's pretty interesting, so far we've done a lot of self assesment and profiling type activities. Today we did the Myers-Briggs type indicator test, which is a very interesting personality test. I calculated out to be an ENFP - although my score for F was tied equally with T so I could also perhaps be an ENTP. I laughed really hard at the fact that I was dead centre on the part of the test that denotes your decision making skills, because I am notorious for being indecisive.

So all in all it's been a busy and mentally exhausting week. I've had a few revelations already about myself and where I've been, and I hope these translate to where I'll be going next. I really think I might have some schooling in my future, and I think things are starting to work out more positive now. At least, I'm feeling a lot more positive!

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