Friday, 8 April 2011

Regiment, structure and... smoothies?

I am a creature of habit. What does this mean? I flounder without the consistancy of routine. This past week has been a lovely respite from reality, but although I've been actively e-mailing out resumes all week I know that it's coming down to a point where I'm going to have to actually get out of my house for more than just a double jaunt to the grocery store. If I allow myself to stagnate in this routine of sleeping in, getting a little housework done and then settling into a crafty project thats all I'm going to want to be doing and the part where I go and look for a new job is going to get more difficult. I figure my knee is good enough that I can walk around comfortably as long as I take it easy and remember to not speedwalk or run, and to take breaks. So there really is no excuse left anymore for getting my feet to the pavement and canvasing for some form of employment, or at least heading down to the work search centre and getting a clearer view on my options right now. Although this doesn't mean that I can't be a little bit picky about it all if I want too.

I want to try and work out some sort of a system for myself to keep to, something to help myself maintain consistency in my energy levels and in the amount I achieve in a week. If this means I have to harshly schedual myself hour by hour by god I will do it. At least until I become more comfortable and positive with the idea of holding myself accountable to my own daily goals. I have a problem with sheer laziness in that I will come up with a master plan, power towards said plan until I completely burn myself out, and then I give up. And really, that's no way to achieve anything and is often why my larger projects fall to the sides and I wind up starting a million things before I even finish one. This is why the SCA gown I made over 6 years ago never wound up having all the silver trim sewn on.

I often promise myself I'm not going to fall into the same traps with my creative works, and that this time it'll be different! I'll be more motivated, I'll get it done, I'll start up a blog and finally make up a solid portfolio and start up that custom corset website I've been dreaming of since I started sewing and costuming when I was 17. Well, at least this time I went ahead with the blogging part? And I've maintained it for like, a week. Go me!

Today I've decided it's time to return my attention to another one of my hobbies that has recently fallen to the wayside due to, quite honestly, depression. Which is mostly caused by the amount of money that is burned going into it, with absolutely no chance for financial return. Not that all hobbies require any sort of financial gain to be pleasant and rewarding, but I was getting depressed over the lack of reward with my latest venture into this. I'm talking aquariums.

Last year for a birthday present to myself I bought a 40 gallon aquarium. I already had been given a 10 gallon a few years back and a 20 gallon, and had managed to keep them well enough alive for a long-ish period of time that I thought it might be fun to get into something a little larger with some heartier fish. I was wrong. A year and a bit later and my 10 gallon is cleaned out and shelfed, my 20 gallon I've allowed to turn into about six inches of swamp water by letting it just evaporate itself away instead of cleaning out the damn empty tank, and the 40 gallon only has 2 danios and 1 chinese algae eater left out of a long string of dozens of different tank mates. Over the last year I probably spent at least $600 in an effort to maintain and save these tanks from repeated illness and parasitic infections, only to learn that it was all a waste of my time and money and even though I'd grown attached to the fish there was nothing I could have done to save them. Now that I know this I think it's time to transfer the 3 remaining fish into the 10 gallon, clean out both the 20 and 40 and perhaps reboot the 20 gallon in a few months when I have some money to put into it. For now I intend to use the fake plants I have to give the 10 gallon a false sense of greenery. The only thing I need to buy is some gravel, and by Monday I should have everything cleaned out and taken care of, if Mr. C is willing to assist me.

Yesterday I got to working on a couple of crocheted hats for my little neices. My sister said she wanted to get or make them both some tam hats for the spring, and I remembered I had a few skeens of some purple bernat satin cotton left from a failed attempt to make a shawl a few years ago. The reason it failed is that I didn't pay enough attention to the pattern and wound up making an extra small/childs size instead of my size shawl. But now my sister has two little girls so I might just complete the thing (stitch both sides together and finish putting on the tassels) and give it to one of them. And the hats will match! I'm working the pattern really simply from my head to give it a good floppy artsy tam feel. I also finished a crocheted tigerseye pendant and the framework for a second pendant. The second one I was trying to make something free form and asymetrical, Mr. C thinks it looks like a graphic interpretation of a rose and suggested I hang a piece of rose quartz inside of it. I like the idea, but that means I'm going to have to purchase some more stones!

It's a gorgeous morning and my sister just called and invited me to go with her to the park and then up to Costco. I'm going to make myself a smoothie and get dressed, pack up my crochet work, and head out. After that, I'll be heading out to a Ms. S's house to help her sort her wardrobe. Action packed day again my friends!

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